Key Service Offerings

Clinical Compass

The success of Provident Research involves our deep understanding of our client’s clinical development needs. Recognizing that every pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device company has specific and often dynamic requirements, we’ve built a versatile company committed to research excellence and our client’s success.

PRI’s Clinical Compass division concentrates on providing high quality Patient Recruitment and Retention services. When sponsors find patient enrollment challenging, or are facing tight timelines to complete enrollment, just follow PRI’s Clinical Compass.

There are dozens of patient recruiting and advertising companies providing Radio, TV, Newspaper, Internet and Direct-to-Consumer advertising to drive patient enrollment.

PRI’s Clinical Compass division deploys Clinical Outreach Specialists (essentially Medical Science Liaisons) who are inserted between Investigator/Research sites and referring physicians and healthcare providers in communities across the U.S. Using this proven method of face-to-face promotion, Outreach Specialists communicate the “value proposition” of your study to other physicians and healthcare providers. Through specialized messaging and area-wide networking tools, Clinical Outreach Specialists always improve patient enrollment and help to speed up both difficult to enroll, or large multisite studies where completion of patient enrollment is slowing down your overall development program.

Facts are facts, and the majority of subjects enrolled in clinical trials come from within an Investigator’s medical practice. Clinical Outreach Specialists function as an extension of your Investigator’s practice. Working within a given radius surrounding each Investigator, Outreach Specialists identify Study Subjects by calling on other physicians or clinical entities (i.e. Cardio or Physical Rehab facilities) and using proprietary Clinical Compass solutions, drive patient referrals from multiple physicians to your Clinical Investigator.

Clinical Outreach Specialists create sources of patient referral for a Sponsor’s Investigator/site by identifying key physicians in the community surrounding each site. Productive investigators are not only crucial to a successful clinical trial, they are crucial to a functional Referral Network.

Clinical Outreach Specialists create custom Patient Referral Networks for individual Investigators by:

  • Identification: Key surrounding medical practices that ordinarily interact with the Sponsor’s Investigator/Site.
  • Education: Upstream providers (all types of referring physicians) about the study including patient and physician expectations
  • Development: Referral logistics for each referring physician to the appropriate Investigator
  • Management: Ongoing relationships with the Referral Networks to ensure Patient Compliance

Our strategy centers on proven methods designed to maximize patient recruitment within a given frame of time and cost. PRI has ready-to-go Clinical Outreach Specialists based in major markets across the U.S. and Canada. Clinical Outreach Specialists have expertise interacting with Physicians and Clinical Investigators on an in-person and local basis.

Strategic Clinical Staffing

When your clinical research team needs one or fifty on-site or in-house CRAs or other clinical research professionals, PRI can deliver this talent (ready for training/deployment) within a 14 to 21 day period of time.

  • PRI can conduct 100% of the interviewing and due-diligence, or our Client can participate in the interviewing process as they wish
  • All CRAs will be PRI W2 employees with varying levels of benefits making our talent much more vested in mutual success and a long-term engagement
  • CRAs will have anywhere from 5 to 15 years of on-site monitoring experience and will be selected from a larger pool of qualified monitors with the specific therapeutic experience required for each protocol
  • CRAs with PRI designations as CRA II or Sr. CRAs will be matched with each Client’s requirements in order to attain workforce parity
  • CRAs can be assigned on a 0.5 FTE to a 1.0 FTE basis (meaning ½ time or fulltime dedicated to your program or protocol).

Talent Acquisition

When your clinical research team needs to hire one or twenty-five CRAs or research professionals, PRI can deliver this talent (ready for training/deployment) within a 10 to 21 day period of time.

Given PRI’s deep involvement in clinical development FSP management, we always have about 600 CRAs deployed on various teams at any given point in time. Combined with our networking and external talent identification programs, we have almost immediate access to a constant stream of experienced CRAs across virtually all North American geographies and therapeutic monitoring experience.

  • PRI assigns dedicated TA Managers and Associates to each Client
  • We will perform extensive protocol (and Client) due diligence in order to understand both the clinical program/protocol requirements, and the Company culture and expectations
  • PRI’s TA fees are discernably lower than when using “full service CROs” Our overhead and profitability is solid and transparent.
  • We will deliver one or several qualified candidates on time (generally beginning in 10 days) who will join your company as agreed or your money back
  • We will replace a non-performing CRA at no-fee within 60 days of deployment. We also offer a sliding-scale replacement warranty for up to 12 months
  • Every candidate will undergo extensive clinical research, GCP, therapeutic area, and monitoring evaluations
  • Additionally, PRI is the only TA firm to use the holistic evaluation approach. We look way beyond a CRAs on-site monitoring experience and knowledge of GCPs. We look much deeper into a candidate’s background, motivation, communication skills
  • Every candidate undergoes an extensive background and reference check prior to a hiring decision. As requested by each Client, and permitted by State law, PRI can also conduct financial credit checks and pre-employment drug screening.

FSP (functional service provider) Partnerships

As a complete outsourcing partner, PRI offers a robust functional service provider (FSP) capability. Our strategic approach allows Clients to gain the benefits of single-vendor management, combined with the flexibility to transition staff across their organizational boundaries, therapeutic areas and protocols.

  • PRI can conduct 100% of the Staff interviewing and due-diligence or our Client can participate as much as they prefer
  • Complete FSP platforms can be designed and deployed within a 30 to 45 day period of time with full functionality attained on target
  • PRI is highly experienced at absorbing existing Sponsor or CRO staff and re-integrating them in our FSP. We have dedicated Human Resources and Strategic Staffing Managers applied to these challenging processes.
  • Using PRI’s advanced integration process, our Client’s will continue to benefit from the experience, training and general knowhow of former employees who are transitioned to the employ of PRI.
  • Leveraging PRI’s Strategic Staffing forward thinking, replacement and additional new (net) staff will always be available for almost instantaneous deployment (generally within 10 days). This benefits every FSP client as they grow programs or add new protocols.