Our Process

Being able to understand the ideal candidate for our clients allows us to effectively evaluate each person through our talent acquisition process. Our first step is critical: Analyzing the client, the Role and the Work Environment. The Foundation is the client specific road map we follow during each engagement. This process separates the job, the person, and the client culture resulting in a more qualified person to become a new member of your growing team. PRI evaluates every candidate under a microscope lens. We conduct thorough due diligence and at least four comprehensive clinical research, monitoring, therapeutic area, and job history evaluations. We also ensure candidates can demonstrate time-management, work-from-home, and essential communication skills.

PRI’s novel holistic approach looks way beyond on-site experience and knowledge. Our due diligence looks much deeper into a candidate’s background, motivation, communication skills…. well before we begin the rigorous technical and clinical evaluation. A candidate who can’t properly communicate, or manage time and travel, will be much less effective than a someone who brings the “whole package” to the team.