Strategic Staffing

Provident Research understands that your staffing needs evolve and adapt to the changing needs of your business and market focus. Your current staffing needs are different. No two companies are alike. What is always true is that your time is precious. That’s why we approach every request with our tailored solutions.

Functional Outsourcing

PRI offers flexible work teams to seamlessly fit into your current organization. These teams can be customized to use your processes or ours. Many clients ask us to identify clinical research support personnel for specific projects, programs, and protocols. PRI employs the staff who in-turn, are assigned to your projects. PRI manages the ongoing HR, remuneration, taxation, and benefits, while you manage the talent.

FSP (functional service provider) Partnerships

PRI offers a robust functional service provider (FSP) capability. Your team retains the responsibility for strategic direction and process. Our team staff entire functions or even departments. Together we provide a complete end-to-end solution without forcing you to give up control to another organization. Many of our FSP Clients rely on PRI to provide research program staff provide their own SOPs and day-to-day management. PRI “blends” the best of our capabilities within our Client’s business framework. Seen as a “win-win” relationship, FSPs can be molded to fit within virtually any Client model.

Leveraging all of PRI’s Strategic Sourcing and Talent Acquisition capabilities, our FSP capabilities provide an outstanding cost-effective solution to pharmaceutical and medical device sponsors. Using industry-leading financial transparency, our FSP capabilities provide financial and cost-savings potential as additional PRI resources are incorporated into the FSP.